Diego Voltini - The Dark Side Of The Cube - Revelations

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    The highly-anticipated second, and last, release in The Dark Side of the Cube project is finally here!

    In 2018, Diego Voltini burst on to the scene with a revolutionary Rubik's Cube stack known as the Dark Side of the Cube that allowed you to blind solve a face of a cube to match a color that was freely named by a spectator. When combined with the Rolling Solve technique, this stack allowed you to solve the cube without having to look at it and also left your audience convinced that you never even turned the faces at all.

    Now, Dark Side of the Cube - Revelations provides you with 12 mind-boggling effects designed exclusively to unlock the full potential of this incredible concept. This is a true game-changer for the world of Rubik's Cube Magic.

    You'll learn powerful magic tricks that DON'T require any difficult memory work or complex finger movements. They can all be done with both regular Rubik's Cubes and Mini Rubik's Cubes.

    Learn amazing Rubik's Cube magic tricks such as:

    • Cubie Solve: A self-solving mini cube effect that takes place with just a quick squeeze of your hand
    • Instant Bag Solve: A Rubik's Cube bag solve where your hands never leave the sight of your audience
    • The Color in your Eyes: Your spectator is able to impossibly divine a color freely selected by another spectator.
    • KUB: A comedy mental routine inspired by IKEA furniture
    • CUBOX: A show-stopping closer for stage magic that combines Rubik's Cube magic with tic-tac-toe

    All of this plus techniques for hiding a solved face in your hand, the unbelievably clever Fortune Folding Force and SO MUCH MORE!

    NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you read the original The Dark Side of the Cube before reading this book because many of these routines build on previously discussed concepts.

    184 pages | Softbound

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