David Thiel - Secret Assistant: The Nail Writer Resource for Nov

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    "The Greatest Gimmick in Mentalism!"
    It has been called "the most important gimmick in all of mentalism" by some of the top mentalists in the world. It's the Nail Writer. Sometimes it's called the Swami. Regardless of what you call it, this is an ancient device that is as powerful today as it was centuries ago.
    But there's an issue: many mentalists don't know how to use nail writers with confidence.  Most have no idea how much performance power is packed into this inexpensive device that requires no batteries, no reset...and allows you to do some of the most spectacular effects in mentalism.
    This book will change the way you look at nail writers. Secret Assistant is designed to fire your imagination and give you powerful techniques and solid material that you WILL use on stage and close-up.
    In this comprehensive book, David Thiel re-introduces this outstanding device, explains the various models available and suggests some powerful routines. This book also includes powerful routines and ideas from mentalism superstars like Richard Osterlind, Neal Scryer, Marc Salem, Satori. Luca Volpe, Evil Dan, Alan Arita and Greg Arce.
    You'll learn how to use your nail writer to create an unforgettable opening, to turn a spectator into psychic receiver in a routine that will leave your audiences talking long after the show is done. You will also learn how to use this reputation-making device blow away audiences on stage, close-up or in parlour settings. This is powerful performance tested material
    You'll get an exhaustive run-down on the different varieties available, along with the pros and cons of each from a performer who has used all of them.
    You'll get a full course on how to master using your nail writer...and  great information on how to master the technique of nail writing.
    By the time you finish this comprehensive book you will have put a powerful new device at your fingertips...and be able to entertain your audiences with some of the most creative routines and effects by some of the sharpest minds in mentalism!

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