David Regal - PUP (set)

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    David Regal PUP (set)

    David Regal's P.U.P. - Particularly Useful Purses


    It is with this in mind that David Regal introduces P.U.P. - Particularly Useful Purses. These supple leather purses have been gimmicked in such a way as to allow for effortless switching of all or some of the coins that are removed from the purse for examination. Best of all, the purses look like nothing. These are not purses reminiscent of Victorian England and they do not look like a magician's toy - these appear to simply be what one might logically use to hold a group of coins. The P.U.P purses seem 100% innocent... yet are deadly weapons of deception.



    And the P.U.P. purses can do more then switch. They can add an extra coin(s) or introduce a gimmick. Best of all, in situations where a group of coins and/or gimmicks needs to be in a precise order and orientation prior to use, they are no longer floating around in the pocket - the P.U.P. Purse keeps the coins secure, secreted away, and held at the ready prior to introduction.

    The switches are disarmingly clean as the hands are seen empty at the outset and the purse is held casually, even at a corner by the tips of the fingers. In addition, the P.U.P purse can be placed on the table and retrieved later with empty hands... and you are ready to immediately go into your routine. You are in complete control of what is being switched in and what will be "going away."

    Two custom purses are included in each box. One is black leather with red lining, perfect for a formal show. The other is brown leather with brown lining, the picture of innocence and the best choice for toss-it-in-your-pocket everyday use.

    Price, for two custom gimmicked P.U.P purses... $50.


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