Cyclopedia of Magic by Henry Hay

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    Cyclopedia of Magic is a wonderful book. It's primary quality stems from its alphabetical organization. It was written to provide the magician with a wide and solid background of magical knowledge. It provides definitions, descriptions, biographies and some routines on hundreds of magic topics. It is for the most part a compilation of material contributed by magicians such as August Roterberg, Charles Bertram, Eddie JosephEllis StanyonJohn MulhollandT. Nelson Downs and many others.

    The ebook starts with a User's Guide which describes the purpose of the book, and an index to the contributing authors.


    • Acquitment: definition
    • Afghan Bands: short explanation
    • Amateur Magicians: definition and article
    • Anderson, John Henry: 1814-1874; bio
    • Angle-Proof: definition
    • Animals: Short article with comments on Rabbits, Pigeons, Dogs, etc.


    • Ball Manipulation: Long article, covers various Palms, Passes, and vanishes. Refers readers to Burling Hull's Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation
    • Ball of Wool: article, trick described
    • Bambergs, The: bio. Eliaser 1760-1833; David Leendert 1786-1869; Tobias 1812-1870; David Tobias (born 1843); Theo (Okito) born 1875; David (born 1904)
    • Bellachini (Sam Berlach): 1828-1885; bio
    • Billet And Message Reading: article with discussion of the One Ahead, Impressions, Transparency, etc.
    • Bird-Cage, Vanishing: definition
    • Black Art: defined, with an article on the Black Art Table and its construction
    • Blackstone, Harry: bio
    • Blindfolds: article with description of various forms
    • Blitz, Signor Antonio: 1810-1877; bio
    • Book Test: article with explanation and various approaches
    • Bosco, Bartolommeo: 1790-1863 bio
    • Bradawl or Ice Pick: defined
    • Breakaway Fan: defined
    • Breslaw: died 1783 bio
    • Bullet Catching: article
    • Business Methods: publicity article


    • Cake Baked In a Hat: article
    • Card Box: Defined
    • Card Frame: article
    • Card in Cigarette: defined
    • Card Index: defined
    • Cardini: bio
    • Card Manipulation: longer article covers Back Palm, Bottom Dealing, Break, Changes, Crimp, Double Lift, False Count, False Shuffle, Jogs, Flourishes, Forcing, Glide, Glimpse, Mexican Turnover, Palming, Second Deal, Shifts, Slips, and a card worker's bibliography
    • Card Marking: longer article covers principles, dot & puncture, manufacture, shading/tinting, line and scroll work, and marking while in play
    • Card Setups (The Rosary Deck): New packs, 8 Kings, Si Stebbins, explained along with several tricks
    • Cards, Flap: defined
    • Cards, Key: Article with several types described
    • Cards, One Way, Pointer, Divided: description of three card location approaches
    • Cards Up the Sleeve: routine described
    • Card Through Handkerchief: described
    • Card Vanisher: several types described
    • Carter, Charles J: 1874-1936 bio
    • Changeover Palm: defined
    • Changing Bag: defined
    • Children's Shows: article with recommendations
    • Chinese Magic: defined
    • Chinese Wands: described, multiple versions
    • Ching Ling Foo (Chee Ling Qua): 1854-1918 bio
    • Ching Ling Foo Water Can: defined
    • Chopper Effects: defined
    • Chung Ling Soo (William Ellisworth Campbell): 1861-1918 bio
    • Cigar Manipulation: Article covers multiple sleights
    • Cigarette Manipulation: for lighted or unlighted cigarettes, also covers holders
    • Clock Dial: Described
    • Coils: defined
    • Coin Box, Okito: defined
    • Coin In Handkerchief: defined
    • Coin Manipulation: article covers Palms, Changes, Handkerchief Folds, Palms, Passes, Sleeving, and a coin works bibliography
    • Coin Tray: described with a routine
    • Coins, Folding: described
    • Coins, Shell: described
    • Comedy: Article with advice
    • Comte, Louis Christian Emmanuel Appollinaire: 1788-1859 bio
    • Costume: article with advice
    • Costume Trunk Trick: described
    • Culpitt, Fred: died 1944, bio
    • Cups and Balls: Article covers palming, cup and wand moves, and East Indian cups


    • Dancing Handkerchief: described
    • De Kolta, Joseph Bautier: 1845-1903, bio
    • Devant, David (David Wighton): 1868-1941 bio
    • Dice: Article covers changing dots, Die Through Hat
    • Die Box, Sliding: described
    • Diminishing Cards: Described
    • Divinations: Class of effects in which performer discovers which of several similar objects has been concealed or what order they have been arranged in
    • Doebler, Ludwig Leopold: 1801-1864 bio
    • Dollar Bill Tricks: A torn and restored bill described, and the bill to lemon
    • Doll's House: Frederick Culpitt's illusion described
    • Dove Pan: described
    • Downs, Thomas Nelson: 1867-1938 bio
    • Drawer-Box: described
    • Droppers: defined
    • Drumhead Tube: described
    • Duck Vanish: described


    • East Indian Magic: Article
    • Egg and Handkerchief: effect detailed in a couple of approaches
    • Egg Bag: described, with some details of De Biere's egg bag. Includes a general approach to a routine, but no details.
    • Equivoques (Conjurer's Choice): described
    • Escapes and Releases: includes short discussions of The Jacoby Rope Tie, Handcuff Escape, Sack Escapes, The Mail Bag, Straitjacket Escape, Escape from Paper Cylinder, Packing Cases, and Siberian Chain Release
    • Exposures: short article on ethics


    • Fake: defined
    • Fawkes, Isaac: died 1731 bio
    • Fish-Catching: defined
    • Flagstaff: described
    • Flash Paper: defined
    • Flower in Buttonhole: defined
    • Flower Productions: Described in longer article
    • Forcing: defined
    • Four Ace Tricks: Covers Charles Bertram's Method, and seven other methods
    • Fox, Imro (Isidor Fuchs): 1852-1910 bio
    • Frikell, Wiljalba: 1818-1903 bio
    • Funnel: Described


    • Gambling Methods: longer article on cheating with cards and dice
    • General Card: defined
    • Gimmick: defined
    • Goldfish Bowls: described
    • Goldin, Horace (Hyman Goldstein): 1873-1939 bio
    • Grandmother's Necklace: described
    • Gyngell: died 1833, bio


    • Handkerchiefs Prepared as Vanishers: described, including the Die-Vanishing Handkerchief and more
    • Hands: how to treat
    • Hat Trick: detailed description of Joseph Michael Hartz' production of items from a hat
    • Heimburger, Alexander: 1818-1909 bio
    • Heller, Robert (William Henry Palmer): about 1826-1878 bio
    • Herrmann: family of magicians bio
    • Hertz Carl (Laib Morgenstern): 1869-1924 bio
    • History: article on the history of magic
    • Hoffmann, Professor Louis (Angelo John Lewis, MA): 1839-1920 bio
    • Hofzinser, Johann Nepomuk: 1806-1875 bio
    • Holders: several ball and egg holders described
    • Hoods: as used for coins, cards, etc.
    • Houdini, Harry (Ehrich Weisz): 1874-1926 bio


    • Illusions: defined
    • Impromptu Effects: pointer to books with impromptu effects
    • Indian Basket Trick: described
    • Indian Mango Trick: described
    • Indian Rope Trick: described
    • Inexhaustible Bottle: described, with various improvements
    • Invention: article, includes a chart with Magical Technics, info on patents, etc.


    • Jap Box: described in detail
    • Jumping Peg: described


    • Kellar, Harry (Harold Keller): 1849-1922 bio
    • Kellar Tie: rope release described


    • Lafayette (Siegmund Neuburger): 1872-1911 bio
    • Laurant, Eugene (Eugene Greenleaf): 1875-1944) bio
    • Leroy (Jean Henri) Servais: 1865-1953 bio
    • Levitations: several stage levitations described, the floating ball
    • Linking Rings: a full routine is described
    • Literature of Magic: article on historical writings
    • Load: defined
    • Lota: described


    • Magical Effects: general description of magical effect types
    • Makeup: described
    • Maskelynes, The: family bio
    • Mechanical Decks: Describes Strippers, Cornered, Forcing Decks, Svengali, Mene Tekel, etc.
    • Merry Widow: described
    • Mind-Reading: general high-level discussion, with an example two-person code
    • Mirror Principle: described
    • Miser's Dream: routine described
    • Mulholland, John: born 1898, bio
    • Multiplying Billiard Balls: briefly described
    • Muscle Reading: article on mind-reading
    • Music: article on choosing music


    • Needle Trick: threading needles in mouth described
    • Nest of Boxes: described
    • Nicola, the Great (William Mozart Nocol): 1880-1946 bio
    • Night Club Shows: article


    • Organizations: SAM, IBM, Magic Circle, etc.
    • Organ Pipes: described


    • Pantomime: article
    • Passe-Passe Bottle: described with routine
    • Patter: article
    • Phantom Tube: defined
    • Phillippe or Philippe (Phillippe Talon): 1802-1879 bio
    • Pinetti, Giuseppe, De Willedal: 1750-1800 bio
    • Pistol: gimmicked pistol described
    • Plant: defined
    • Powell, Frederick Eugene: 1857-1938 bio
    • Practice and Rehearsal: article
    • Presentation: article on the rules of presentation
    • Programs: article on building your program
    • Psychology: article on deception
    • Publicity: article on advertising
    • Pulls: several varieties described


    • Rattle Box: described with a routine
    • Rice Bowls: various methods described
    • Ring: defined
    • Ring On Stick: briefly described
    • Rising Cards: methods include threads, De Kolta method, with routine described along with various other approaches
    • Robert-Houdin: 1805-1871 bio
    • Robin, Henri (Dunkell): died 1874, bio
    • Rope Tricks: defined
    • Routine: short article


    • Salting: defined
    • Sawing a Woman in Two: briefly described
    • Selbit, P.T. (Percy Thomas Tibbles): died 1938, bio
    • Servante: described in good detail
    • Shell: defined
    • Shell Game: briefly described, reader is directed to Jack Chanin's Hello Sucker!
    • Shower of Sweets: children's effect described
    • Silent Acts: defined
    • Silk Tricks: Describes various tools such as False Fingers, Wands, Production from a Match Box, Multiplying Tube, Productions, Color Changing, Knots, Sympathetic Silks, etc.
    • Slate Tests: writing on blank slates described
    • Sleeve Up His: defined
    • Sleight of Hand: defined
    • Spelling Master: card effect described
    • Spider: defined
    • Spirit Effects: article
    • Sponge Balls: very briefly described
    • Stage Settings: Article on setting the stage for stage shows, with bibliography on Stage and Theater
    • Steal: defined
    • Stodare, Colonel Alfred (John English): 1831-1866 bio
    • String Tricks: Includes brief discussion of Perambulating String, Pricking the Garter, Snare, etc.
    • Sucker Gag: defined
    • Sun and Moon Trick: handkerchief trick described in detail
    • Switch: Defined
    • Sympathetic Coins: A Coin Matrix type effect described


    • Table Tricks: defined
    • Talk: defined
    • Tambourine: production utility described
    • Telephone Trick: briefly described
    • Thimble Tricks: Decent article describes production, multiplying thimbles, and thimble passes
    • Thirty Card Trick: Cards transfer from one pile to another
    • Thread, Black: defined
    • Three-Card Tricks: Three Card Monte describe in fair detail; Mexican Three Card Monte; Slow Motion Method
    • Thumb Tie: release described
    • Thumb Tip: defined
    • Thumb Writer: Defined
    • Thurston, Howard: 1869-1936 bio
    • Torn and Restored Paper: various methods described, including Torn Cigarette Paper
    • Torrini (Count Edmond De Grisy): bio of this fictional character
    • Tourniquet: defined
    • Transfixed Pack: two card effects described
    • Traps: defined
    • Trunk Trick, Substitution: stage effect briefly described
    • Tumblers: Bottomless, Mirror Glass, others described
    • Turban Cut and Restored: described


    • Van Hoven, Frank: 18??-19?? bio
    • Vanishing Performer: described
    • Vest-Pocket Magic: defined
    • Volunteers: Short Article


    • Walking Through a Brick Wall: described
    • Wands: Article with discussion of production, coin wand, auto-gravity wand, Cigar Wand, Swallowing Wand, and Vanishing Wand
    • Watch Tricks: Several tricks described including the Watch Mortar, The Watch Winder, and Watch It! Refers readers to Samuel Berland's Tricks with Watches.
    • Wax: defined
    • Williams, Oswald: 1881-1937 bio
    • Wine and Water: briefly described
    • Wyman, John: 1816-1881 bio


    • You Do as I Do: Briefly described, with reference to Hilliard's Greater Magic and Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
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