Cyanotypes by Elisha Ott eBook

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    Cyanotypes by Elisha Ott eBook (Download)


    Lapping is one of the most useful, versatile, and deceptive techniques in coin magic, and yet it is also the most neglected concept in coin magic.

    There are very few places to learn lapping, and the foundational resources are all very difficult to find, or prohibitively expensive. This book changes that.

    Cyanotypes is the first in-depth technical study on lapping coins. Through 104 pages of meticulously footnoted instruction, and more than 70 beautiful photos, this book will provide you with five ground-breaking techniques that allow you to vanish and ditch coins without your hands ever coming close to the table’s edge.

    Every technique is tried and tested in real-world situations, and the book includes instruction on angles, misdirection, and sound management.

    Each chapter will teach you exactly how to perform the sleights, and give you the foundational understanding you need to apply the techniques to your existing routines, and create new ones.

    Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced magician, this book will give you all the sleights, concepts, and ideas you need to start lapping now.

    “Elisha is remarkable, he knows his craft and his work speaks for itself.”
    – Jeremy Griffith (@lostangelus)

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