Curtis Kam J.B. Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic Interpreted

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    Curtis Kam J.B. Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic Interpreted




    The great Curtis Kam puts his over 40 years of experience with coins to work in this interpretation of the classic Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. In this Reel Magic Exclusive, Curtis teaches all of the concealments, techniques, vanishes, and tricks from Bobo, and gives you his thoughts on what works, what doesn’t, and what’s not included in the book. He calls them like he sees them and pulls no punches.

    Chapter 1 Concealments features:

    The Classic Palm
    The Edge Palm
    The Thumb Palm
    The Downs Palm
    The Finger Palm
    The Front Finger Hold
    The Back Palm
    The Back Finger Clip
    The Back Thumb Palm

    Chapter 2 Basic Technique features:

    The Bobo Switch Utility Switch
    One-Hand Switch
    Shaw-Judah Coin Switch
    The Click Pass
    The Coin Flip
    Change-Over Pass
    The Bottom Steal
    Producing a Coin From a Spectator’s Clothing & Taking Advantage of a Fumble

    Chapter 3 Coin Vanishes features:

    Standard Vansih, Simple Vanish, and Over the Top
    The Tunnel Vanish
    Thumb Palm Vanish
    The Drop Vanish
    The Bobo Coin Vanish
    The Slide Vanish
    The Illusive Coin Pass
    A Coin Vanish
    The Pinch Vanish
    The French Drop
    The Reverse French Drop
    The Elusive Silver Dollar
    The Wrist Watch Vanish
    The Cranium Vanish Vanish with the Aid of a Handkerchief
    The “Heads and Tails” Vanish
    Vanish for Several Coins A Trio of Vanishes

    Chapter 4 Complete Coin Vanishes features:

    The Bobo Complete Coin Vanish
    Complete Thumb Palm Vanish
    Knee-zy Vanish
    Sucker Vanish
    Pocket Vanish
    With a Handkerchief – Number One
    With a Handkerchief – Number Two
    With a Handkerchief – Number Three
    In a Spectator’s Pocket
    Bluff Vanish
    Sucker Bluff Vanish
    The Coin Fold
    The Envelope Vanish

    Chapter 5 Quick Tricks features:

    Through the Leg
    Rubbed Through the Leg
    Through the Pocket
    Through the Hand
    Through a Handkerchief
    Double Penetration
    Half Dollar to Quarter
    The Coin of Metamorphosis
    Coin to Key
    Change for a Half
    Much from Little
    The Topsy Turvy Coins
    Smart Coin Trick
    The Switchover
    The Appearing Half
    The Touch of Midas

    Chapter 7 The Art of Sleeving features:

    Some Thoughts on Sleeving

    Chapter 8 Coins Across features:

    Copper and Silver Transposition (4 Methods)
    Guess Which Hand Quarter and Half Dollar Transposition Two Pennies on the Leg
    The Inseparable Pair
    Coins in the Teeth
    The Drop Pass
    The Hippity Hop Half
    Winged Silver
    The Flying Eagles
    Three and Three
    Chinese Money Mystery
    Frank Drobina’s Coin Routine
    Four Coins to a Glass

    Chapter 9 Coin Classics features:

    Coin Through a Ring
    The Gadabout Coins
    The Three Coin Trick
    The Bent Penny
    Silver Extraction
    Coin Through the Table
    The Magical Filtration of Four Half Dollars
    The Sympathetic Coins
    The Coin Roll
    The Downs Coin Star & Roll Down Flourish with Four Coins
    Downs Eureka Pass
    Just Pretend
    The Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver

    Chapter 10 Coin Boxes features:

    Introduction to Coin Boxes:
    Basic Moves
    Okito Box, Coin and Handkerchief
    Routine with an Okito Box and a Silk
    Silver to Copper with the Okito Box
    The Half Dollars and the Okito Box
    The German Coin Box
    The Paul Fox Coin Boxes

    Chapter 11 Trick Coin Trickery features:

    Introduction to Trick Coin Trickery
    Squeeze Play
    Jimmy Valentine Picks a Lock
    Money Paper
    Almost a Transposition
    The Homing Coins Copper and Silver Transposition (With the Double Faced Coin)
    Presto Chango
    The Inferior Coin
    Thieves and Sheep
    In and Out
    Up Their Sleeve
    The Buddha’s Coin
    The Stack of Quarters
    The Hook Coin
    The Magnet
    Sundry Gimmicked Coins and Tricks Therewith

    Chapter 12 Shell and Folding Half Features:

    The Shell Half
    Mystery With a Half Shell
    How to Make Money
    Coin Through a Glass
    Perfected Coin Through a Handkerchief
    The Peregrinating Halves
    Coins Through the Table
    The Protean Coin
    The Sympathetic Coins
    The Modern Miser
    The Folding Half
    The Half Dollar in the Bottle
    The Magic Mint
    Biting a Piece from a Coin
    Coin Through a Card

    Chapter 13 Stage Coin Magic features:

    An Overview of Stage Coin Magic

    Chapter 14 The Miser’s Dream features:

    An Overview of The Miser’s Dream

    Chapter 15 The Stanley Collins Collection features:

    The Magicians
    Three Coin Monte
    The Jumping Sixpence
    The Esscee Half-Crown and Wafers Trick
    The Esscee Front and Back Manipulation

    Chapter 16 Routines features:

    Routine No. 2 with a Single Coin
    Routine No. 4
    Routine #8 & Routine #14

    Chapter 17 Lessons in Coin Magic features:

    Tools of the Trade, Technique, and Change in a Spectator’s Hand
    The Come and Go Coin
    The Goshman Pinch
    The Instantaneous Coin Change
    Impossible Marked Coins Transposition
    The Tenkai Pennies
    Psychological Coins Through
    Stand-Up Coins Across
    Penny and Nickel Transposition
    A Trio of Vanishes
    The Cartwheel Sleight
    Progressive Production
    Coins from Silk
    The Six Coins in a Goblet
    Kort’s Fourth
    The Waiter’s Tip
    Silver Lining
    Frank Ducrot’s Coin
    Handkerchief Coin Vanish
    Al Leech’s Coin Trick
    Al Baker’s The Great Purse Game
    Brearley’s Passe Coins

    Chapter 18 Selected Coin Tricks features:

    Passing the Buck
    The Mexican Gadabout Coins
    Nuts to You
    Vanishing Coins and Purse
    Pouring Pennies Through a Table
    The Seven Penny Trick
    The Runaway Coin
    Penny Prestidigitation
    Judah’s Half Dollar Vanish
    Thumb Tax
    A Funny Finish for a Coin Routine
    The Camera Coin
    An Extra Load for the Miser’s Dream
    Climax to the Coin Pail
    The Miser’s Dream With Paper Bag
    The Penton Coin Switch
    The Dam Coin Trick
    C.E. Miller’s Miser’s Dream Routine

    Chapter 19 Trick Coin Miscellany features:

    The Stacks of Nickels and Die
    Kort’s Magnetic Stack of Quarters
    Judah’s Chinatown Dollar Routine
    Flash Silver and Copper
    Knickel Head
    The Photo Coins
    Nail Through Half Dollar
    Zella’s Space Coins
    The Phantom Coins
    The Queen Bows

    Chapter 20 Latest Coin Box Magic features:

    The Mulholland Box and 4 tricks therewith
    Kort’s Paul Fox Coin Cups Routine
    The O-Korto Box Routine
    Stile’s Okito Box Routine
    Okito Change for a Half
    Gag Penetration With an Okito Box
    Okito Box Glittering Finale
    A Stopper With the Okito Box
    Okito Box Coin Vanish


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