Covert Adaption by Mark Elsdon & James Anthony

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    Covert Adaption by Mark Elsdon & James Anthony
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    A sellout device at The Session 2016, the Covert Adaptions device allows your spectator to write down a number, a picture, a word, anything, and you can instantly reveal the secret information. You can use any pen, any pencil or any Sharpie and have a real-time full peek, right in front of your spectators!

    Covert Adaption is a pre-existing product, professionally modified to look and handle like an innocent clipboard.


    • Instantly resets in less than a second

    • Large impression area

    • Any pen, pencil or Sharpie can be used

    • Writes through up to 6 sheets of paper

    • In-built battery will last for up to 4 years and is replaceable

    • Real-time peak

    • Works great in low light conditions


    Includes more than a generous amount of pre-guillotined to the exact size paper (approx a ream), plus everything required to get started right down to the zig zag glue stick, as well as complete video instructions by Mark Elsdon and five incredible routines.

    This top of the range impression device that has been heavily modified so it can be handled right in-front of the spectator, and demonstrates Mark's ingenious thinking and dedication to creating reliable, workable, solutions.

    Measures approximately 150mm x 220mm (6" x 8.5") and is ideal for both parlour and stage, as well as certain walk-around conditions.


    What a great utility device! Self-contained, versatile, reliable, well made, instantly resettable... who wouldn't want one?Marc Spelmann
    When I first saw the prototype for TMS, I was gobsmacked, the simplicity of it is incredible. Within 2 minutes of playing with it, I knew he was onto a winner. Get yourself one and don't tell a soul about it... it's that good!Looch