Conjuror Community - 3 Trick Master Template

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    Conjuror Community 3 Trick Master Template 


    3 Trick Master Template by Conjuror Community

    In this Alpha Class, Aaron shares his  ‘go-to’ formula for assembling a three trick routine that astonishes every time.

    It’s called the ‘M-T-V Template’, which stands for Mental, Tactile and Visual, and once we show you how it works, you’ll unlock you’ll unlock the secret to creating amazing card routines fast.

    You’ll discover:

    • Aaron’s 3 part Routine Template – guaranteed to work with tricks you already know!
    • Aaron’s  favorite impromptu card opener for real people. Hint: It’s not what you think.
    • An amazing, easy to perform ‘eye-popping’ closer...that requires no difficult sleights or misdirection! You can start using it immediately.

    And as a Special Bonus, Aaron will also share tips and tricks for quick-start mastery with his world renowned  Gravity Half Pass.

    So grab your deck, sit back, and enjoy this jam packed episode of Alpha Class!

    Conjuror Community 3 Trick Master Template

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