Cocktail By Alexander Marsh

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    Cocktail By Alexander Marsh 
    A brand new SUPER SIMPLE centre tear that gives you the power to peek a MASSIVE 50% of the business or index card! Experience much cleaner presentations without the constraints of traditional methods.

    Having to write in a tiny box in the centre of the paper is now a thing of the past!

    The tear is easy to do and versatile; you can use it with any mentalism effect where a tear is justified. You will even learn a brand new routine straight from Alexander Marsh’s professional repertoire. It looks like this:

    You offer your participant the chance to create their very own imaginary cocktail.

    They think of any secret ingredient and write it down (they really can think of ANYTHING – unicorn tears anybody?). Their writing is folded up and torn into pieces before being dropped into a cocktail shaker along with ice, limes and any other mixers you might want to use.

    The cocktail is mixed with a shake and the liquid poured into a glass. You proceed to take a sip of this unusual concoction and upon tasting the unique elixir, you announce with confidence their secret ingredient (as well as any other information they may have written).

    This is a very powerful routine with a solid method.

    Thanks to its simplicity, you can channel all of your energy into the performance and enjoy the many opportunities for comedy that present themselves throughout this snappy, simple and slick routine.

    Pick up Cocktail now*

    * Please read minds responsibly.

    5 stars review:

    Terry Tyson (verified owner) – 

    I like this a great deal and I didn’t think I would. Oh, noooo…not ANOTHER center tear???

    I was wrong, it’s a great center tear and one that I WILL use after I practice a bit. The concept of putting the bits into the cocktail shaker is fun, lends itself to light humor but more importantly, gets rid of the bits!!! There’s a reason why you tear it up! Clever scripting, staging and plot.

    If you work weddings or other places in which adult beverages are served, this is a natural. If working at a bar, tip the bartender to allow you to use the shaker…or save this for your home parties.

    But more importantly, this Center Tear is likely to be your favorite. Nicely done, angles are easy to handle and the peek is yuuuggge.


    1. Jester Styles – 

      This method has taken everything I dislike about traditional Centre tears and thrown it in the bin. No more odd excuses about where the spectator needs to write, no more mishaps with missing words or letters.
      You’re left with a huge area to get your information from, so no matter how big, or how much they write, you don’t need to worry.

      The routine itself is entertaining and a great example of how you can use this simple, expertly taught method to create a performance piece uniquely suited to your style.

      Please drink responsibly.

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