Christian Grace – HC On the Fly

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    Christian Grace – HC On the Fly


    Welcome to Magic Monthly

    Each month I’ll be sharing TWO of my greatest effects with you.

    Join the membership Now for only £10+vat and you will learn:

    The Knowing Principle ˗ THE fairest and most fooling Impossible card location

    The Bet ˗ One of my absolute favourite go-to card openers!

    Drunk Prediction –   A close look at an underused and deceptive card switch by Ed Marlo and a casual routine using it.

    Pinned Prediction – A Do As I Do flavoured card match routine using two packs. Simple but fooling.

    HC On the Fly – A hands off card force with limitless applications using a borrowed shuffled deck.

    What You’ll Gain Exclusive Access to:

    As members you’ll gain instant access to performances and explanation footage, which will feature:

    • Methods & Principles 

    • Techniques & Moves

    • Performance Theory

    • Plus Many Additional Secrets 

    If you’re familiar with LevelONE and Pluck you will know that I aim to create strong and direct card magic.

    I consider my material to be fun and fooling in performance and yet simple and practical in method.

    What Magicians are saying:

    “Christian is one of the most gifted creators I know of. He is engaging, practical and heavily invested in the magical experience of his spectators. In a nutshell, he gives a damn like very few others I know of”

    -Jeremy Griffith 

    “I have known Christian for a few years now. I enjoy talking magic with him. He is passionate and……he fools me. I am delighted for Christian because he is is at the forefront of cutting edge magic, technical execution and creative expression” 

    -Michael Vincent

    “OK. WOW! I’ll be in this membership for the long game. The tricks are too good. I just can’t wait to start performing THE BET.”  

    -Tom Barford 

    “I can say, hand on heart, that Christians material is among the very best that I have seen to date. I have absolutely zero reservation in giving his work my highest recommendation.”

    -Michael Murray

    “Month One’s Hofzinser Handout is BY FAR the best handling of the classic Hofzinser Force. I love Christian for creating it and hate him for releasing it.”

    -Tom Rose

    “Christian Grace is on a very short list of folks where I buy without watching the trailer” 

    -Ryan Schlutz 

     “I’m always astonished to see how Christian spots opportunities to improve on existing methods which in turn pave the way to better magic”

    -Ollie Mealing

    “Everything Christian creates is gold. The Knowing Principle is a thing of beauty that will be absolutely devastating to audiences as well as, no doubt, completely fooling to magicians!”

    -Fraser Parker

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