Christian Bischof - Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II

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    The new book by FISM winner Dr Christian Bischof:

    New theory on the performance of magic.

    Five professional routines for corporate audiences.

    Plus: Hands-on checklists & inspirational case studies.



    Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II
    Standard Edition


    EUR 97 + express shipping & handling, + tax
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    Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II
    Deluxe Edition


    Strictly limited, numbered, signed, hand-made slipcase, plus worksheet checklists, and exclusive collector’s photograph.

    EUR 447 + express shipping & handling, + tax
    Hurry, only a few copies left before it is sold-out forever.

    For the collector who values beauty, exclusivity, and wants all the extras.



    Volume I – Theory



    How to make any effect more impossible and astonishing.

    How to involve relevant topics such as health, wealth and relationships to make your magic more meaningful.

    When to create surprise and suspense to dramatically captivate your audience.


    How to use your eyes to make any audience perk up and listen.

    Which secret acting techniques you should learn to come across authentically.

    How to prepare before the show to make you feel at ease and enjoy your time on stage.


    Why the right announcement will make your audience eager to meet you.

    How to read an audience about their background and their feelings and give them what they need.

    Which powerful microphone technique all the professionals are raving about.

    Volume II – Practice


    His professional opener, the Miser’s Dream, to win over any audience.

    His award-winning closer (a multiple prediction), honed in hundreds of corporate shows. No assistants, no electronics, completely reliable and totally mystifying.

    A clever mindreading routine you can use to easily communicate your client’s messages.

    A bombastic mass effect where the magic happens in the hands of every spectator in the audience. Use this to cause a sensation your audience will never forget.

    Case studies of famous acts: Learn from the structures used by David Copperfield, Tom Mullica and Derren Brown.

    Checklists: Quickly understand how to propel your own magic to the next level.

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