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    T- M- W
    Professional routines and techniques for the real and virtual world.
    The – Mentalism – Workshop

    Professional routines, systems and set-ups that will allow you to obtain secret information and orchestrate the impossible.

    Material suitable for any performance environment.

     Demonstrations and experiences of Mind Reading, Feats of Prediction and Memory explored in detail.

    Routines  to be taught Include:

    PSEUDO – For the virtual world.

    Blockbuster – Five spectators each select and imagine movies via increasing levels of impossibility, yet the performer successfully and entertainingly explores each thought. This is a perfect strolling piece of mind reading that has three modular phases.

    P-F Set Ups – Never shared systems that allow secret insight into drawn images, written words and digits.

    Currency / Connection – A fresh approach to m******e o**s with one unprepared and in view prediction envelope.

    3S1D – A favourite approach of Chris’ for smaller private events, where throughout an evening he performs multiple small shows for smaller groups. Three spectators work together to create something unique that you re-create both mentally and physically.

    A Shared Thought – A miraculous and never shared drawing duplication that works extremely well one on one and for small groups. A spectator goes out the room, thinks of an image that they have not drawn or spoken. They never draw or speak this image. They return and you can reveal the thought of image with no fishing, no prior arrangements, no multiple realities, no instant stooges. Not only that, you are able to reveal specific details about the imagined image that include colours, smells, emotions and experiences. This has been held close to Chris’s heart for a very long time and is worth the price of the workshop itself.
    *this has nothing to do with CTRL-C and at no point during the workshop will CTRL-C be taught.

    + More ‘surprise’ routines  that you will love, one previously never shared.

    This is a unique opportunity to spend time with and learn from a true professional, regardless of your location or time zone.
    March 11th 2021. 6pm-9pm UK Time.


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