Chinese Linking Rings by Bob White

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    Chinese Linking Rings by Bob White

    It makes little difference whether you are tying to learn the Chinese linking Rings or anything else in magic; clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish makes it easier to learn correctly and accelerate your progress.

    Studying this DVD will allow the beginner to build the foundation onto which he may construct a routine. Or, he may wish to learn all or part of the routine demonstrated on this DVD. Those well acquainted with manipulating the rings will discover a number of subtle features that my be incorporated into their existing routines.

    Aside from the various counts, figures, configurations and moves to link and unlink all the rings, this DVD teaches the psychology and artistry involved to effectively present this ancient Chinese mystery.

    Contents Include:

        Key Rings
        Counts (Drop&Odin)
        Two-Ring Links
        Crash Link
        Twisting Link & Unlink
        Swing Link
        Pull-through Unlink
        Turning the Rings
        Spinning the Rings (Two Methods)
        Mid-Air Three Ring Link
        Three Ring Unlink
        Rink's Interlude
        Four Ring Links
        Falling Ring (Two Methods)
        Two in Two & Eight Places
        Five Rings
        Linking Six Rings
        Endings (Vernon & Rink)
        Threadbone Link
        Mid-Air Link
        Spinning Crash
        Oversize Ring
        Spectator Crash
        ...and much much more


    all five stars

    This is what I was looking for - the baby steps for linking rings. I wasn't looking for a routine to copy, which I could get from YouTube or other places. White patiently goes through the building blocks for linking rings. I now feel that I can do the rings, whereas previously it seemed like I could never do those tricky mores.


    Nice instructional video for those wishing to learn the basic

    handling and moves. Work with these and build your own individual routine. This video is not a "caned" routine rather it will serve as a foundation.


    A very thorough explanation of Bob White which helped me to perform successfully the Rings. He pured out his wisdom of 40 years of experience. Especially if you use a spectator in your performances, he gives you very nice tips to make your performance a master piece even if you are a beginner.

    The reason I give 4 stars is because it is not complete by itself as Mr. Bob White also explain in the DVD. You'll need an addition information from other performers if you want to include more movements as I have seen in yutube. I performe without spectator and have to find out my own routin and that is why I want to learn some other nice movements. But to tell you the truth I haven't yet learned all the movements of the DVD. I would highily recomment this DVD and thanks to Mr. Bob White.


    Bob White is a consummate performer and a wonderful teacher. Not only is this a classic handling for a classic effect, but this video goes beyond the basics, teaching key subtitles that everyone who does rings should know. I was never a fan of the rings, but watching Bob do it for a room of magicians and laypeople converted me. Nothing is better than seeing classic magic done well, except having an excellent teacher train you to do it too.

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