Chairs by Steve Seguin (Ebook)

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    Chairs by Steve Seguin

    PDF download now , No DVD download included

    CHAIRS by Steve Seguin

    Nothing packs smaller! Nothing plays bigger!

    The Guaranteed Standing Ovation

    Juggler, magician and humorist Steve Seguin closes every show with a standing ovation, and now YOU can too!  Applying great staging, simple choreography and an age old circus/party stunt, Steve has audiences jumping to their feet at the end of his show. Every. Single. Time. Guaranteed!

    No Props!

    And here’s the best part, there’s absolutely no props to bring! Just show up at any venue, grab four chairs and you’re ready to roll.

    The Basic Routine

    The performer gets four volunteers from the audience and using four chairs in a special set-up is able to remove all the chairs incredibly causing all four participants to balance one on the other in a fascinating suspension configuration!

    The Full Monty

    In partnership with Bill Abbott Magic, Steve Seguin will walk you through a master class in audience participation and management. In a deluxe multimedia pro package which includes both a 45 page book and 90 min. DVD that will give you all of the knowledge and tools necessary to add this dynamic conclusion to YOUR show.

    Standing Ovations...Who Cares?

    Meeting and event planners, agents and your clients do. If your show ends with a standing ovation it’s a clear signal that you have succeeded in a performance that the audience enjoyed enough to be on their feet and applauding at the conclusion. And that’s a clear signal to the person who engaged your services that you’ve succeeded in entertaining the audience and received the ultimate recognition for doing a great job-a standing ovation. And that’s money in the bank.

    What You Don’t Know

    Think you know everything about the chair stunt? Not even close. Steve’s routine has been honed over a decade of performances in front of hundreds of audiences. Through trial and error Steve has created the perfect closer and is tipping everything in this exclusive BAM Pro Package. From the correct chairs to use, their precise positioning on the stage along with the exact volunteer direction to get the maximum impact as well as keeping everyone safe from injury.


    The real work is in the staging, build up and delivery that leads to an entire audience of 50-5000 people to literally leap to their feet at the end of the routine. Steve leaves no stone unturned and will instill in you the knowledge and confidence to walk onto any stage and leave that same stage to genuine standing ovation. Every time.


    The Book




    Section 1: Mechanics

        How the Chair Stunt Works
        Learning Tip
        Performing Outdoors
        What Order Do You Remove the Chairs In?
        Tips on Removing the Chairs
        Types of Chairs to Use
        Performance Rider

    Section 2: The Routine

        The Comedy Routine
            The Salute
            Importance of the Salute
            Applause Position
            "How Many People Don't?"
            What Do You Do if They Collapse?
            Putting the Chairs Back In
            The Standing Ovation
        Optional Bits

    Section 3: The Team

        Choosing and Handling your Volunteers
        Treating Your Participants Well
        Remember Their Names
        Repeat Offenders
        Performing for Children


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