Celebrity Smart Ass by Bill Abbott

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     Celebrity Smart Ass by Bill Abbott
    instructions only download now
    Celebrity Smart Ass Replacement Pro Pack
    The Pro Pack includes two Blank- Faced Smart Ass decks PLUS the Customize Your Smart Ass book: A Book of Ideas & Routines For Your Blank Smart Ass Deck
    Access the Customize your Smart Ass book now here: https://billabbottmagic.com/collections/free-downloads
    Customize Your Smart Ass Book Details:
    The bullet-proof card force that has captured the imaginations of both performers and audiences alike, is now in a format that puts YOU in the creative driver's seat. Customize Your Smart Ass, now gives you the power to force literally anything! Any object, location, name, product, person, animal, etc. There is no limit. Make the selection of anything you can write on blank card stock, entertaining and so impossible that seems you could have no control over the final outcome. Imagine promoting a product, a service or establishment. A birthday child selects the very gift of their dreams, out of dozens to choose from. A gentleman selects the one name, out of dozens, that is his one true love.
    The Baby Gag has a real finish without the need for pre-show work and with a force that is as entertaining as it is impossible. The popular vacation prediction with no double-writing and a really large finale that everyone in the room can read. Or get creative and originate your own routine using the most impossible forcing deck, customized to suit YOU!
    Book Contents Include:
        Introduction by Bill Abbott
        Custom Preparation:
        Custom Set-Up
        Markers To Use
        "How To" Smart Ass
        The Smart Ass Force 
        Custom Ideas:
        Trade Show Promo
        The Restaurant Decision
        Birthday Surprise
        Anniversary Love Connection 
        Custom Routines:
        The Smartest Celebrity Baby
        Needle in a Haystack
        McCombical Beans
        The Game Redux (from Bill Abbott Performs For Kids DVD)
        The All-Inclusive Vacation Prediction
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