C_Art Store - EDEN TOKYO LECTURE SHOW (In Japanese)

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    C_Art Store - EDEN TOKYO LECTURE SHOW (In Japanese)




    This is EDEN's lecture show that took place in Tokyo on July 2nd.

    It lasts approximately 100 minutes and includes all videos except for the Q&A session.

    Unless you are absolutely necessary, please refrain from purchasing as it is inefficient.



    Part 1: 'Skill Three' Ball & Card Lecture (First Release)

    Part 2:

    - How to choose suitable music for manipulation

    - About routine design methods

    - How new techniques are born

    - If you avoid this, you won't fail.

    - Good gimmicks when combined with manipulation





    パート1: 『Skill Three』ボール&カード講義(初公開)


    - マニピュレーションに適した音楽の選び方

    - ルーティン設計方式について

    - 新しい技術はどのように生まれるか

    - これを避ければ失敗しない

    - マニピュレーションと一緒なら良いギミック"


    C_Art Store - EDEN TOKYO LECTURE SHOW (In Japanese)

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