CANDY By Mark Gibson

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    CANDY By Mark Gibson

     Impossible. Direct. Mind Reading.

    From the creator of "Out of Time" and "Out of the Box" comes CANDY.

    CANDY is a prop less, direct, impossible demonstration of mind reading. Ask anyone to THINK of a candy bar, and through a compelling divination, you reveal what it is.

    Nothing is ever written down, said out loud, peaked, forced, pre-showed, or instant stooged.


    Walk up to anyone, and read their thoughts.

    This is Mark's go-to effect Mark in any impromptu situation, table hopping, close up shows...all the way to the stages of the Magic Castle.

    This is loaded with Mark's thinking on application, crib sheets, and subtleties that will take this, and your Mentalism, to the next level.

    Satisfy your sweet tooth, with CANDY

    PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included


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