Brandon Gerald (Presto) LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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    Brandon Gerald (Presto) LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

    A rising star in magic teaches solid stand-up, sneaky tricks, and challenging sleight-of-hand.

    "Brandon Gerald's magical swagger is refreshing. He is definitely someone who is advancing the Art of Magic to the next level. Brandon's talent is "Simply Magical" -Ice McDonald, Master Magician

    "Brandon is a Rising star in magic. It's easy to admire his effortless ability to entertain." -Nicholas Lawrence

    "People love when their favorite artist gets discovered. I'm excited for people to discover one of MY favorite artists, Brandon Gerald!" -Marcus Eddie

    "Not only his perfomances are fun and highly entertaining, his magic is awesome and his methods combines different principles in such a unique, practical and logical way that you will start using his material instantly! You do not want to miss this!"-Ricardo Berdini

    "Brandon is a great guy! I've met him a handful of times. If you don't know who he is, you should, cause he has chops and charisma. I'm hyped for his lecture!" –Casshan Wallace
    What will he teach?

    Floating and Vanishing cigarette- Inspired by Steve Fearson, this is the routine Presto regularly opens his show with. A cigarette floats around and then into his mouth before he lights and vanishes it.

    Thumbs Up- A super deceptive way to perform the thumbs up gag.

    Bill Switch- Presto's handling of the bill switch that doesn't utilize a thumbtip.

    Multiple Selection- A modular six card multiple selection routine. The cards can be found in any order card and each revelation is strong enough to stand on its on.

    Vanishing Bottle- Presto teaches the vanishing bottle routine he uses to close his show.

    Chaos and Order- A quick visual piece with a deck of cards. The deck is shuffled and cut in a convincing way, yet all the cards are shown to be in order. In this section Presto will also discuss and teach the moves he regularly utilizes in his card work.

    Triumph- Presto's in the hands version of triumph. A card is selected and placed back into the deck. Half the cards are turned faced up and shuffled into the face down cards. After a series of shuffles, the cards are spread to all be facing the same direction with he exception of the selected card.

    ACAAN- Three versions of any card at any number.

    Three Card Trick and Behind the Back- Two card tricks without a name that will be sure to fool just about anyone including magicians.

    Coin Sharpie- Inspired by Rick Merrill and Rune Klan, this is a routine utilizing a sharpie and a marker. The coin jumps around and vanishes before eventually switching places with the sharpie multiple times.

    Triple Coin- Presto will teach his favorite three coin routine utilizing Johnny Wong's super triple coins. Three coins visually appear one at a time before impossible vanishing one by one.

    Rubik's Cube Switch- Presto's Rubik's cube switch utilizing nothing more than two normal Rubik's cubes.

    Color Force- Presto's method of forcing a color on a cube; all done without touching the cube.

    and much more...
    Who is he?

    Originally from North Carolina, and having performed for several years as a featured magician at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL., Brandon now calls Columbus his home! Brandon won 2017 Rising Star of the Year from The International Association of Black Magical Artists, and regularly appears locally at P3 Magic Theater. With a mixture of impossible visual antics, and a smooth casual behavior, Brandon provides an experience that you won't forget.

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