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    Branden Wolf, Dalton Wayne, and Nicholas Lawrence LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

     Three talented magicians team up to share their fascinating thoughts and clever creations.

    "I'm a huge fan of Dalton. He creates his own path with a fascinating originality and his artistic drive shines through everything he does. I'm excited to sit back and watch him make some serious waves." -Daniel Madison

    "Nicholas empowers you with the tools needed for some of the most direct visual magic. Clever and creative." -Garrett Thomas

    "Nicholas' work consistently delivers beautiful, highly visual impact effects on the level that all of us grew up wanting magic to have… His designs create what REAL magic would look like…If you have a chance to get an insight into his mind and approach, I strongly suggest you take it." -Jason Latimer

    "Branden has some very unique stuff you won't see anywhere else. The Wolf can use perfect "balance" to make the miracles happen." -Sinbad Max

    "Branden exemplifies the joys of a sleight-of-hand artist at play, embracing a technique and extracting real innovation and beauty from within."  -John B. Born

    "Branden's coin magic is fun to learn, perform and watch! It's the whole package!" -Moritz Mueller
    What will they teach?
    Dalton Wayne:

    strawRINGthing — An anti gravity effect using nothing but a borrowed ring and straw that ends with a strong impactful moment of astonishment!

    Permanent Ink — A diabolical method of MOVING real shaprie ink from one point to another

    TAB — A TNR effect using an ordinary card box!
    Nicholas Lawrence:

    The Rising — A signed card rises from the bottom of the deck all the way to top, one handed, and completely impromptu.

    Portal Pack — A visual transposition using the selection and the entire deck of cards and also completely impromptu.

    Star Struck — Learn how to construct an easy utility gimmick that allows for a visual jumping ink effect, like no other using a signed selection.
    Branden Wolf:

    Quattro the Fourth — A seated, table-less, Coins Across routine from his 2K18 lecture notes, "A Coin Magic Lecture by Branden Wolf". Four coins travel from hand-to-hand, one-by-one. Ending with a surprise production of the fourth coin on your lap.

    Lap Dance (The 6th Point) — A disccsuion on how to ultize your lap, and body articulation, while seated, and without a table. An extension of thought from Juan's "The Five Points in Magic" book.
    Who Are they?

    Dalton Wayne: A previous contestant on Wizard Wars, Dalton's regular gig was as a professional magician at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World - the most magical place on earth (so the bar's been set pretty high for excitement value). Now he's working behind the scenes here at Penguin Magic, bringing you all the newest and hottest releases!

    Nicholas Lawrence: Nicholas is an internationally known magic creator from Buffalo, NY and specializes in Close-up Visual magic. He currently live's in Columbus, OH working with Penguin Magic. He has published over 10 DVDs and numerous downloads, and currently over 30 different effects published. He has also consulted for some of the top magic professionals from around the world, including Joshua Jay and Shin Lim.

    Branden Wolf: Branden doesn't like card magic. Specializing in sleight of hand with coins, Branden is an underground creative, recognized for his work on John B. Born's revolutionary Balance Palm technique. Known for his non-gimmicked approach, with a knack for unorthodox technique, his focused attention has produced effortless looking, casual magic, that seemingly happens at the finger tips… or on your lap, as you’ll find out in this lecture!

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