BRAINSTORM POCKET (Online Instruction) by Markus Bender

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    BRAINSTORM POCKET (Online Instruction) by Markus Bender

    no props included

    Brainstorm Pocket is designed for close up performances. With this inconspicuous tool, you can read the mind of your spectators effortlessly. It looks exactly how it should: a common clipboard with paper for notes, not a fancy prop like other impression devices.
    Your spectators will not even suspect this devious tool.

    Brainstorm Pocket is designed to easily fit in your back pocket to be ready when you want to blow minds.

    You can reset Brainstorm Pocket in seconds - perfect for walkaround performances.

    With Brainstorm Pocket, you are able to perform a variety of effects, book tests and mind reading routines. And these are only the beginning!

    Facts about Brainstorm Pocket:

        Board looks very natural and inconspicuous
        No forces
        Works live and in pre-show
        Use normal paper for performing - no refills necessary
        Be in another room when the spectator is writing the note
        Works in all lighting conditions
        Positioning of the note does not matter - the spectator can write anywhere


    Brainstorm Pocket is easy to handle and does all the work for you.

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