Bob Farmer - Cheat The Sequel

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    Bob Farmer - Cheat The Sequel 


    Still No Skill? Still Absolutely No Problem!

    "This one is really, really good." - Mike K.

    Seldom does a card trick leave your audience groveling at your feet, women throwing themselves at you and the IRS auditing your tax returns. Sure, parting the Red Sea may be more impressive, but after your hands, in a dazzling digital jitterbug, cut five packets to reveal four Aces and a Queen - and then top that by immediately reassembling the deck and cutting another five packets to reveal a Royal Flush - well, even Moses would have to acknowledge, that's pretty damn slammin'.

    And that's just one of the effects in Cheat! The Sequel. Here's another: a spectator names any poker hand and you immediately cut the deck into five parts to reveal that poker hand.

    If you can cut a deck, you can do these tricks. If you can't cut a deck, please refer to my other manuscript, Card Tricks For People Who Can't Cut A Deck.

    Lots of photographs provide a guide to every step.

    Example photos from the book

    A special note from Bob Farmer: all goofy ad puffery aside, this manuscript is the result of years of research and experimentation and the price reflects that. It solves one of the major mysteries of card magic - the origins of a ruse widely used - but until this manuscript - has never been analyzed and its origins discovered. I traced it through 25 magicians and all that information is revealed here.


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