Bob Farmer - Cheat The Prelude

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    Bob Farmer - Cheat The Prelude


    Still no skill? Still no problem!

    Turn any spectator into a world-class card cheat. They'll love you for it unlike that stupid thing you do with the sponge balls.

    The magician hands the spectator a lucky rabbit's foot. They take turns cutting high card: the spectator wins every time. For the finale, they play a hand of poker - the spectator controlling the cards - again the spectator wins.

    Cheat: The Prelude the perfect lead in to Cheat. Together they make a devastating gambling routine, irrefutable evidence that you - YOU - are the MAN! (even if you are not a man).

    Simple and practically self-working unlike your lazy brother who hasn't worked for months.

    Also included an Easter Egg. Nothing more to be said about this except it's a fooler.

    Bob Farmer Cheat The Prelude


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