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    Blue and Gold (The Complete Guide to Working the Scout Market) by Kyle Peron

    This 60 page book is jammed full of the most relevant information you could ever ask for in regards to working not only Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinners, but also how to work any scouting program and event. This is one of the ONLY books that is devoted solely to giving YOU the information you need to work a market that can generate income for you in the slow times of the year and year round.

    If you are already performing for children, work a family-focused show or if you are even a strolling magician, then Blue and Gold Banquets are a perfect extension of what you are already doing. You can learn to work them well with simply modifying your current show and having an understanding of how to market effectively to them. This is what Kyle gives to you and so much more.

    This book teaches you not only how to understand the Scout market, but also answers questions that Scout groups are specifically looking for in an entertainer. It shows you step-by-step techniques on exactly how to market to scout groups to land the gigs you want to be doing. Kyle also gives you his full lead generation letter, follow-up letters and full templates that he has used for years to handle all aspects of communication and marketing.

    After countless hours of research and direct applied experience, Kyle realized that information on working scouting programs was scarce at best. For this reason Kyle spent months compiling the information contained within the 60 pages of this book.

    Topics such as:

        Why You Should Read This Book
        Background History
        Why Perform Blue and Gold Shows
        When Not To Do A Blue And Gold Show
        Budgets And Fees
        Packages And Offerings
        Show Length
        Banquet Schedule
        Marketing to Blue and Golds
        Contracts And Agreements
        Problems and Resolutions
        Getting The Most Out Of The Show
        Magic Trick Ideas and References
        Magic Themed Meetings
        Strolling Magic At Blue and Golds
        B.O.R. At Blue and Golds
        Ways To Market Yourself At The Event
        Work Scout Events All Year
        And much, much more inside.

    Take your magic to a new level by learning the tips and techniques to work the scout market and to really excel at it by giving the Scout groups a perfect solution they are looking for. This book tells you how. If you want to learn all there is to know about scout groups and how to work them year round, then this book is simply a MUST!

    Pages: 52 - 8.5" x 11" - Softcover

    Here is what many folks are ALREADY saying about "Blue and Gold! The Family Entertainer's Complete Guide to Working The Scout Market!"

    "Kyle Peron's book, Blue & Gold, should be on the shelf of every serious family entertainer. There is nothing on the market today that shows how to successfully work this market. Kyle has filled that void with a book that explains everything you need to know in rich detail with real life examples. Plus, the lessons learned in the book can be applied to other markets as well. Highly recommended."
    - Jim Snack Magician and Motivational Speaker

    "Kyle Peron's Blue and Gold handbook leaves no stone unturned for those wishing to enter the Blue & Gold market. Kyle even shares his lead generation and follow up letters in this content-rich, fluff-free book. Even if you've been in the market a while, there's information you need here - Scout's honor!"
    - Tim Sonefelt

    "You covered everything a person would want to know from the business side to what effects play well. You left no stone unturned. This is definitely a book every magician who wants to start or even performs in this market will want to get. This book is what I consider the 'real' magic of show business. As we professionals are well aware, show business is 90% business and 10% show. Your book covers the business side of getting work in the Scout Market 110%!! This is without a doubt, a gold mine for magicians. Thank you so much for sharing it with the magic fraternity."
    - Paul Romhany Professional Magician

    "I will implement Kyle's ideas and get more Scout shows. Nothing is left out in this must-have book of Scout magic. Kyle has presented a very organized and thorough manual for family entertainers to break into this market. Never fear Scout Shows again with the aid of Mr. Peron's "Blue and Gold: The Entertainer's Complete Guide to Working the Scout Market."
    - Mark Weidhaas

    "This book will give you the information you need to succeed in the Cub Scout market. I wished I had this book when I first started doing Cub Scout shows. 100% recommended!"
    - Ken Scott Professional Children's Entertainer


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