BIZ The Best F**king Cardistry Book For A Beginner

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    “Imagine a Cardistry veteran, one who’s been through and seen it all, sitting across from you and dropping bomb after bomb of sage advice on how to progress from absolutely knowing nothing about Cardistry to becoming a pro in less time than it takes to ship a deck of playing cards to your house. That’s what this book is: a paradoxically no-nonsense, yet gleefully nonsensical, crash course introducing a complete beginner to the wonderful world of Cardistry. ” – Kevin Ho

    In this 52 page electronic manifesto, Biz will tell you why you are great, why you can become even better and why everyone teaching beginner material is so wrong about their methods.

    After reading this you’ll never be the same. If you don’t believe me, believe these people:

    “Holy s**t that’s greattt” – Joshua

    “As im pretty beginner at cardistry ive found the book really inspiring and really like uplifting. Because life if I ask anyone about what I should learn its always the basic sybil and so on. Never have i had someone say that i should learn something more advanced from the get go, it makes more sense now when i think about it. Its a genious idea of mixing humour in to it aswell as it makes me smile when im frustrated. Your book sofar has made me look at things with Cards from another perspective!” – Duderlag

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