Billy McComb - The First Book of William

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    Billy McComb - The First Book of William

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    5 Introduction (Goodliffe)
    7 Preface (Billy McComb)
    8 Biographical Note
    11 William's Torn and Restored Newspaper Presentation
    12 William's Bicycle Tyre: Bicycle tire inflates itself
    14 William's Ice Cream Production
    16 More About Ice Cream
    17 William's Fantastic Fez: with a card revelation
    20 William's New Glove Opening: with a parachute 
    22 William "Discovers" "Multicore" Solder: ideas
    24 William's Attache Case Production
    26 William's Invisible Paint: stage effect
    28 William on the subject of "Stung": on the classic Jumbo card effect
    30 William's Invisible Pipe: smoke from hand
    32 William's Hot Book: firebowl in a book
    34 William's Comedy Card Flight
    36 William Passes on Some Tips
    37 Assorted Gadgets of the Willium Brand
    39 William's Poker Hand Trick
    42 William Amid the Fakirs: match bursts into flame
    44 William's Fantastic Table
    46 William's Floating Ball Routine
    49 William Turns Gravity Upside Down: an impossible suspension


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