Biagio Fasano - Contactless Automatic Card At Number - Ebook 3

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    This third part of my card project (each volume is, in any case, totally independent of the others) includes 3 new original A.C.A.A.N. effects requiring no sleight of hands:

    Two Cuts Too Fast To ACAAN
    Cut & Create ACAAN
    Si Stebbins ACAAN.

    It's a new series of hands-off self-working card magic effects, that will all happen in your viewer's hands. No particular skill is required, just the ability to instruct and pay attention to what the viewer is doing... In this third eBook you will find a colour Pdf that will allow you to perform amazing automatic "Any Card At Any Number" Effects.

    These are the simple rules that all my effects obey in this project:

    1. The deck in use could be stacked or gimmicked, but anyway it must be possible to show it to the audience (and in case, to be quickly examined by a spectator).
    2. Once the cards have been (falsely) shuffled, the deck is given to a spectator and the performer will no longer touch it until the effect ends.
    3. The performer will simply provide all the instructions that the spectator will follow and the effect will happen in his own hands.
    4. Viewers will truly believe they have complete freedom in choosing both the number and the card.

    Included in Volume 3 there are 3 new effects:

    Two Cuts Too Fast To ACAAN:

    From a deck of cards, the illusionist removes the two Jokers and, after shuffling it, cuts it into three parts and complete. He then invites a spectator to repeat that cut: he will raise about a third of the deck, show the audience the card where he cut, noting the VALUE, and lay down this first packet; then raise the rest of the packet about halfway, and again show the audience the card he cut, this time noting the SUIT and thus generating a new CARD, which will be announced loudly, consisting respectively of the Value and the Suit of the two cards he cut. Then adding up the values of the two cards at the top of the piles, he will get a random NUMBER. But incredibly, as he counts the cards from the rest of the deck, having arrived at that number, the spectator will turn over the very card he chose.

    Cut & Create ACAAN:

    The illusionist announces that he is about to propose to the public one of the most difficult effects of modern Card Magic, for which, however, thanks to his in-depth studies and continuous experimentation, he is acquiring increasingly encouraging results. A deck of cards is then shuffled by the magician and cut several times by the spectator, who will end up dividing it into four packs, whose values will be added together to obtain a NUMBER. Reassembling the deck and cutting one last time, the spectator will turn over the first two cards at the top of the deck. Of the first card he will consider the VALUE and of the second the SUIT, resulting in a new CARD at random. Continuing to count from the top of the deck to the chosen number, the spectator will turn over (in most cases) the very card previously chosen!... If not (only in 25% of the cases, the found card will be of the SAME COLOR and VALUE, but of the WRONG SUIT) the magician will immediately offer to try again with another chosen card, and will not fail to amaze everyone.

    Si Stebbins ACAAN:

    A deck of cards, shuffled by the illusionist, is handed to the spectator who, after having cut it one or more times, begins to distribute one by one the cards, stacking them face down on the table. The magician will give a first STOP to the spectator who, after laying down the rest of the deck, will pick up this pile and, in turn, will start again to stack them one by one, face down, on the table, stopping at any time, provided that at least two or three cards remain in his hand. Once he has turned over the card he has stopped at, he can freely decide whether it should indicate the SUIT or the VALUE of a CHOICE CARD, then determined in its entirety by the adjacent card. The cards left in his hand, once counted, will indicate a random NUMBER, but always directly related to the choices of the spectator. When the spectator has taken the rest of the deck and counted the cards one by one, at the indicated number he will find, among the general amazement, the very card he has chosen.

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