Back Stabber By Scott Alexander

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    Back Stabber By Scott Alexander

    Scott Alexander's diabolical take on the Malini Card Stab

    The Malini Card Stab is a trick that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. It's full of drama, suspense, laughter and amazement. The only danger with the standard method is that you can miss. It happens more often than not. I've seen some of the greats flub this trick and there is no way to get out of it. Period.

    But with Back Stabber you have no need to worry because you hit your targets each and every time without fail. You can even have the spectators mix the cards and still nail it every time. It is completely bullet proof which frees you up to concentrate on the presentation because the method takes care of itself.

    You will love how the gimmicks for this trick hide in plain sight and are perfectly camouflaged from the audiences analytical eyes. Every move and motivation is perfectly thought out which allows you to deliver a spectacular performance.

    This routine is ten to twelve minutes of solid material full of great jokes, suspense and edge of your seat entertainment. Scott shows you how to assemble everything you need to make this effect effortless.

    This is simple, easy and above all entertaining….I know you will love this routine as much as I do the first time you take a stab at it!

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