Atomic by Yoann Fontyn

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    French magician Yoann Fontyn has released a smooth-as-silk new collection of advanced card material called "Atomic." Yoann's style is to infuse aesthetically pretty card handling with tricks that have a high degree of impossibility. These tricks are done almost entirely with a shuffled, ordinary pack. They will take practice--in some cases extreme training--but the result is a special approach to card magic that you won't find elsewhere.

    In this collection you'll watch flowing trailers to soothing music and then learn the techniques visually with clear, step-by-step non-verbal video instructions. You'll learn:

    DCheese - Two cards are fairly selected and lost in the pack. Four Kings are introduced and placed face up in the center. The two pairs of Kings instantly trap the selections.

    Dream Catcher - Four Kings cause a selected card and its mates to appear one at a time...until the Kings transform into the last of the selections.

    VEV - Four Aces are reversed and dispersed throughout the deck, and repeatedly appear together outside the pack, and then back, reversed inside.

    Finder - Three selections are lost in the pack and then appear between four Kings in a most unexpected way.

    Venise - This unusual collectors is defined by a moment in which three selections are "thrown" at four Queens and become interlaced between them.

    Klap - A silky smooth four Ace location.

    My Final Reset - Yoann's pet plot...and this is his definitive version.

    SpoTrans - A visual transposition between a selection and four Queens.

    Spiffle - This takes about ten seconds to perform, but it's HIGHLY visual (and difficult). You split a Four into two Twos and then into four Aces.

    Razorblade - This is Yoann's work on the Bertram Change. In this version there is no cover on the card.

    Manga - An unusual and easy-to-do control you'll use in your work.

    Running time: 43 minutes 38 seconds

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