At The Table Live Lecture Pablo Amira December 4th 2019

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    At The Table Live Lecture Pablo Amira December 4th 2019
    All the way from Chile, Pablo Amira brings his powerful mentalism At The Table. Not only is he a mentalist, but he's also a psychologist, a creative consultant, and an author of several books and best-selling effects. He's been passionately creating and performing for well over a decade, and hosts psychology workshops where he uses mentalism to help communicate his message. In this lecture, Pablo offers highly practical close-up mentalism routines that help illustrate the real secrets behind powerful performances. Applying these secrets will help you achieve more effective and compelling mystery routines for your audiences. You'll learn routines with business cards, Rubik's Cubes, phones, keys, playing cards, dice and even one you can do completely prop-less. Join us as we welcome Pablo Amira, AT The Table!

    Here's what you'll learn:

    Animal Intuition: Predict your participant's own "Personal Animal" in a fun manner. In here you will learn a new psychological technique to predict thoughts without gimmicks, anytime, anywhere.

    Impromptu Polarity: Any deck, any time, no gimmicks "Open Prediction" approach.

    Visible & Invisible: Correctly divine the number rolled on a visible die as well as an invisible die.

    10 Years: Using just business cards, your participant will go on an imaginary journey to the future where you reveal their thoughts about the future!

    Rubik's Choice: A modern test of clairvoyance. Your participant selects a color using "color cards" in a "double bind" manner, and you are still able to reveal the unknown color using the cube! A hands-off miracle that adds visual elements to your act.

    Minimal Psychic: An interactive piece of mentalism where you reveal what the spectator is thinking of.

    Personal: Your participant secretly and randomly chooses a conversation with someone on their phone. You instantly read their mind and tell them who they were thinking of.

    Dichotomic ESP: Correctly predict the choices your participant will take using ESP cards

    Dermo Vision: Let a participant experience a strange moment with just 5 ESP cards where it's all about them.

    Zodiac Chiromancy: Reveal the zodiac sing of your spectators using no props!

    Haunted Key Pendulum Routine: Two phase-routine in which you can evoke real moments of mind mysteries.

    Download the video and start learning!

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