Astor - A Cheaters Dream

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    Astor -  A Cheaters Dream



    Martin Lewis's routine is the most powerful poker dealing demonstration I ever seen.

    As a first effect even the cards of the 25 cards pile are shuffled randomly face up with face down cards, dealing five poker hands the spectators realizes that only the cards of the Royal Flush are face up among the face down cards and they appear exactly when the performer deals his hand.

    Then the face up Royal Flush cards are cut in the middle of the pile and the cards are dealt again in five poker hands. This time in each poker hands lands face up one of the Royal Flush cards among the other four face down cards. After the poker hands are turned except the performer hand, is clearly visible that while in each turned piles there are four face up cards and one of the Royal Flush cards face down, in the performer hand are four face down cards and a Royal Flush card face up.

    As a second effect even the performer doesn't touches the face down Royal Flush cards from the other four hands, when he tum his face down cards he has a Royal Flush. Finally turning the face down cards of the other four hands surprisingly none of them is a Royal Flush card.


    Astor -  A Cheaters Dream

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