Art Vanderlay - And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

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    Art Vanderlay - And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

    Art's last ever eBook!

    Predict the future, time travel, read minds, teach others to read minds, card forces and elemental mentalism. Art's last release contains some rare gems that he never wanted to part with. Until now!

        δ3Σx2 (Theta Sigma): Mind reading is impossible, but if somehow you were able to travel back in time and tell yourself the participants thought after the fact then maybe, just maybe time travel could be true.
        Ele-Mental: A routine where your participant experiences a moment of forced coincidence and leaves with a physical gift that brings them good luck.
        The Familiarity Principle: A new(ish) principle allowing you to read anyone's mind in an extremely deceptive way. Includes two effects to get you started.
        Elements Of Choice: A new spin on "The Illusion Of Choice" using the four elements as a premise.
        Easy Peesy Lemon Squeesy: The simplest and one of the most deceptive card forces that uses NO cards!
        Prediction Impossible: Predict anything on Facebook. Includes two methods.
        Yhtap Elet: A drawing duplication for the stage where one participant reads the mind of another.
        My Last Effect Ever! Just what the title says. A way to predict tomorrows newspaper headline. (UK only at the moment.)

    1st edition 2016, 26 pages.
    word count: 8625 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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