Armin Peter - PenStrawtration

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    Armin Peter - PenStrawtration


    This close up penetration effect from the mind of Armin Peteris the next level of penetrating sticks effects. Its supervisual.What you see on the trailer is what your audience sees, when you go out and perform it.

    Imagine, you go to a spectator. You give out a straw for examination, borrow a lighter from them, a bracelet or a watch and a ring. You take the objects and perform a 3 or4 phase routine with the most direct and visual penetrations. They will ask you to do it again and burn your hands. And you repeat the effect looking more and more impossible. That is Pene-STRAW-tion.

    For the first time in this effect you can now:

    • Perform 360 degrees surrounded. Have spectator look from ANY angle, even from above
    • Repeat the effect in the spectators hands, without any fear of flashing
    • Have the sticks (in our case a straw) in full view during the penetration
    • No need any more to hold secretly openings or gaps.
    • Show your hands empty immediately after the penetration and be clean. Fully examinable.
    • And it's much easier than previous versions

    As an add on, a special gimmick allows for even more impossible penetrations: Penetrate 2 objects, that are in full view

    • While you hold the strawwith ONLY thumb and index finger
    • The sticks penetrate visually
    • No need any more to hold secretly openings or gaps. The gimmick does the work for you.
    • More stable and safe than any other versions.

    Taught in detail over 2 hours you will learn

    Various multi phase routines +3 endings.

    Learn about 20 different moves and techniques with rings, lighters, straws, bracelets, small boxes...

    We will teach you how to construct gimmicks super quick (impromptu) and a solid long lasting version.

    We go over angles, how to construct routines, bringing in- holding out a gimmick, how to finish clean. We demo and explain all routines, give you life performances etc....all the good stuff.

    If you like those juicy flipping out reactions that we all love, get a copy now, go out, and get your daily dose of reaction dopamine.


    Armin Peter - PenStrawtration