Anthony Owen - Dungeon (10 Issues)

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    Anthony Owen - Dungeon  (10 Issues)


    Comments: Art Director Daniel Buckler, Associate Editor Dianna Moylan. Alex Elmsley issue. The Dungeon was a quarterly publication released from 1993 to 1995 for a total of 10 issues.

    Contents (from book ToC):

    5 Introduction (Anthony Owen)
    7 What’s In a Pseudonym? (Max Maven)
    9 Secrets (Lewis Jones):
    15 Feedback
    18 The Saturday Lunch Brigade (John Derris): article
    19 Separating the Men From the Boys (Alex Elmsley): cards
    22 Short Change (Roy Walton)
    23 Staggering (John Derris)
    25 Alaskan Poker (Jack Avis)
    27 Alex Elmsley: After Twenty Years away from the Magic Scene Alex Elmsley returns and talks exclusively to The Dungeon
    33 Ear to the Ground
    34 Cowling on Commercial Close Up (Paul Cowling): Confrontation of Magic in Duel
    36 Decent In Hell (Ken Speckle)
    40 Doves In the Dungeon (Richard Griffin): Milky Dove
    41 Wrinkles
    42 Communicating With Magic (Ian A Thomson)
    44 Wrinkles
    45 Ear to the Dealers
    46 Product Reviews (Daniel Buckler): looks at Steel, Silver and Sadowitz
    47 Wrinkles
    48 Survey Results: books
    50 Convention Review (Kenneth Sharples): Eastbourne Convention
    53 Re-Review (Ken Hawes): Dai Vernon Book of Magic by Lewis Ganson
    54 Abou the Contributors


    Anthony Owen Dungeon  (10 Issues)

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