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    Andy Cannon Mtangulizi


    An ebook for anyone who wants to improve the way they are received by their audience whether onstage, in the bar or in casual settings and we cover a few simple things we can do right off the bat to see this change.

    Many people are struggling and not getting suggestion to work. This ebook will change that! We look at what the majority of people are NOT doing that is preventing them from seeing success in their use of suggestion and normally its just one simple thing.

    If you're interested in being seen as unique and different and above all look and feel real - you'll find the approaches and methods in Mtangulizi to facilitate this.

    The materials list for the effects in this ebook is very light: pens, paper, a stack of photos, coins, a pendulum, two small stones, your smart phone and some business cards.

    • Explore a broad spectrum of mentalism.
    • Entertaining and risque bar mentalism to powerful demonstrations of mind over matter and the energies that flow with in us.
    • Methods and presentations for drawing duplications, name reveals, serial number divinations.
    • Learn simple peeks and tears that replace the need for the peek wallet.
    • Learn how to engage the whole audience
    • Simple steps and routines to get you started work with suggestion
    Table of Contents

    If you're working behind the bar, open mic nights, nightclubs or doing on stage guest appearances, you will love and use this. Loosely - you guess peoples favourite drinks and finish with a kicker prediction - A drink a girl has been thinking of from the very start was secretly on display the entire time.

    Psych 5
    A psychology game with 5 business cards. My multiple phased, business card routine. It allows for ample byplay, and a fun competitiveness and out guessing theme between you and the participant. Perhaps the coolest part about this is the psychology that allows you to do it "gimmick" free with near 100% accuracy. Although the 100% accurate version is thrown in. This is pure psychological fun.

    The Pendulum
    The pendulum plays an important role in this book and it all starts here

    Oye, I was CTing there
    Discussion and mini presentations on peeking, tearing and muscle reading in the bar

    A-C B-T
    A-C B-T is an unconventional instant access billet tear - that is very quick and easy and can be executed with the minimum of fumbling.

    This was one the first mentalism / mental magic routines I developed. It is pretty risque and I used it specifically with girls at the bar or pub. It's very fun, cheeky and allows for loads of interaction and humor. Perfect for nightclubs and working behind the bar.

    Business card utility move
    Throw away your peek wallets. CUBT is a super simple peek with a stack of business cards that is highly adaptable and psychological invisible. This does away with complex sleights and looks casual and very naturally. We go into a lot of detail and ways of using this ... including with routine LIGHTWAVE ENERGY

    Design dupes and paperballs
    Sssshhh! Includes an entry level CMR drawing duplication

    Happy place
    A way of forming deep rapport and connection with your participants and people you share your mentalism with.

    Tribal waves
    A spectator is taken on a mental journey and the music and reptilian brain is shown to have influenced her journey. This can also involve the entire audience as lesson into how intuition and thin-slicing work.

    A spectator as mind reader effect with an iphone and any doodle application.

    The numbers bind us.

    Serial flasher
    An essay and treatise on the Serial Divination Plot.

    Kwatakye atiko
    A simple billet routine. A new method of peek information in a very tribal variation. Shift stars and flames.

    Suggestion 101
    Tips and tricks to begin becoming successful with suggestion

    Perceptional bender
    Alter perceptions and have someone see a coin bend when really it stays as straight as an arrow.

    A full length act exploring the power and effects of positive and negative energies. This a lot of a play here. Telepathy, CMR, Sensing and feel energies and also a look at my two person pendulum routine LIGHT AND DARK

    Coin oracle
    A reading system using a handful of coins from half a world away.

    Rituals for change
    The power to change and improve yourself and others

    Bonus Touching on bor

    The pendulum pitch book

    1st edition 2017, 150 pages.
    word count: 38553 which is equivalent to 154 standard pages of text


    Andy Cannon Mtangulizi

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