Andy Cannon - 404

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    Andy Cannon - 404


    1 Exploiting Biology and Perception
    2 Disconnecting Doodles
    3 Signs of Life
    4 The Powerhouse Act II - Q&A
    5 The Doodle Act
    6 AC-B-T
    7 Perceptional Bender
    8 BW-TV
    9 Light and Dark
    10 VAK Telepathy
    11 Enter the Power Animal
    12 Bonus - the Bone Game
    13 Appendix


    The book starts with a strange story, a neuroscience-biology lesson and an unconventional cunning opener; the cunning in which lies in our bodies response to this opener as we explore the how and why of "exploiting" our natural biology. An underlining theme in this book is about setting ourselves apart from other performers, disguising our methods and breaking down preconceived beliefs - and that is exactly what this opener, which requires strong audience management, does.

    Disconnecting Doodles - My Closer

    This is the explosive double drawing duplication and energetic surprise kicker end to my stage show.

    Designed for stage and for situations where you are performing for around 30 - 200 people. This has multiple revelations and a logical disconnecting kicker to mindblow them all. In my opinion, you won't have seen anything like this which whilst simple to perform and execute has such a devastating result. This is the reason the book is limited ;)
    (Literally this is insane and is designed to literally blow the pants off everyone in the audience and for those who care its also a magician fooler.)

    My Doodle Act - Doodles, drawing duplications and have been a core of my performances for a long time. The doodle act is perfect for parlour performances with around 10 - 20 people. Simple to perform and execute it has multiple effects, readings, climaxes and a little bit of showboating. And we discuss which parts of the act work well on stage and with large audiences.

    The Powerhouse Act 2: QA is my number 1 favourite stage performance piece. Confidence and a desire to truly act and showboat are essential prerequisites to its performance.

    It works great as a stand alone piece or on stage as closer or just before your closer. It's a tad ballsy but is also very safe, low props and has zero complicated method. The underlining theme of this piece is revealing 5-6 participants hopes, dreams, goals, wishes and ambitions and concludes using one special participant for a lovely symbolic and metaphorical moment of CMR (made very easy and with fail-safes should you not be exactly spot on).

    S.O.L jumps in now...Again kind of the working idea and what I want to get across in 404 is how tweaks and our own personal fingerprints and style can disguise the effects we are doing and make us standout to our audience. S.O.L is my rethink and presentation for the tired out ESP cards that are seen being used by everyone, everywhere.

    AC-BT v1 & AC-BT v2: Two great billet tears ideal for instant access or a delayed read. There are no fiddly moves and the peek pops into view and disappears just as quick.

    Perceptional bender
    Demonstrate the ability to uncannily  alter someone's perception of the world. A single coin begins to glow, heat up and get heavier in their hand, before wilting and melting in front of their very eyes, yet is handed back to them without ever leaving their vision in pristine condition.

    A full length act exploring the power and effects of positive and negative energies. This a lot of a play here. Telepathy, CMR, Sensing and feeling energies. This is a great parlour mentalism piece and wonder equally well for an esoteric or mind over body workshop.

    We then segue into my two person pendulum routine LIGHT AND DARK; I carry this pretty much everywhere and it's one of the first and most insane things I show people. It requires a pendulum and black and white stone - yet sets you up for miracles later on.

    THE THING - An easy organic looking device that can be made for very little whose purpose is to switch 1-5 billets.

    Now we enter into the realms of the workshop pieces:

    TELEPATHY AND ANCHORS (A Workshop piece)
    A great workshop and lecture is about fun interaction and education. This demonstration is all that ... after a brief explanation  of the most effective way to send and receive thoughts, a participant 3 times in a row is able to successfully´╗┐ (not 100% surefire) determine whether the rest of the group at large are sending good thoughts or bad thoughts. Then everyone in the audience tries as well and they are surprisingly successfully. This and isn't what you might think it is ... there is a ton of work going on here and this takes a very different approach than many similar ideas. It's a great lesson in NLP and anchoring as well.

    Bottom Line: This is a beautiful piece that people really enjoy and are engaged and delighted going through.

    Enter the Spirit Guides
    The audience feels the presence of their spirit guide, power animal.

    The Game
    Is a history lesson and an exploration of the which hand game's origins and it's the basis of an amazing presentation and handling of the which hand game that keeps you on the participants mind as they'll continue playing this game long after you've gone.


    Andy Cannon - 404




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