Altriotto by Paul Carnazzo

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    Altriotto by Paul Carnazzo

    Mental Voyage presents “Altriotto”, the second collection of mentalism effects from the mind of Paul Carnazzo.

    In Altriotto, you will discover 9 effects.

    Some of the effects contained in Altriotto have been contributed to works by other mentalists, these items are disclosed below. Because some of these items have already been (or soon will be) released elsewhere, Mental Voyage is keeping the price of this ebook low – only (USD)!

    Included in Altriotto are:

    This Side Up – a never fail heads/tails prediction! A prediction is presented, and then a participant flips a coin 5 times (more or less if you wish). The participant is given the chance to change any of the results until they are happy…of course, the prediction is 100% correct – including whether or not the participant would change any of the results!

    Positively No Force – a no force, never fail version of Positive/Negative using five (real or imaginary) coins (contributed to an upcoming project by a well known mentalist –TBA later)

    Uncrushed – a borrowed water bottle is crushed. Using mind power only the bottle uncrushes itself! The bottle is borrowed and never touched by the performer! (This effect was contributed to Mindblasters USA by Peter Duffie)

    The Wannabe Serial Killer – a tale of an unlucky serial killer unfolds, and his bad luck is put to the test! (two versions are included)

    Instant Psychic – two participants select cards from a shuffled deck. The deck is shuffled again and handed to a third participant. Miraculously, he is able to find the two selected cards!

    The Bucket List – the topic of “Bucket Lists” is brought up, and a participant thinks of an item on their “Bucket List”, and is asked to imagine they are experiencing the event in their mind. The perform takes this journey with them and correct describes details what the participant is visualizing, and correctly names the thought of item! (This effect was contributed to Ran Pink’s “T-Rex”)

    iShiner – a great utility item using an iPhone (contributed to J. Prager’s “Swipeit”)

    Eye-Tunes – a participant is asked to think of the last song they listened to on their iPhone or iPod Touch. The mentalists starts to “receive” some sound bites, and correctly names the actual song!

    Bonus Effect:

    Cursory TK – a willing participant is able to move the cursor on virtually any computer screen using only their mind!

    “Paul, i love the new book. It's excellent, beautifully written, and STRONG commercial material.” — Marc Salem

    “I love Paul's thinking this is a fine manuscript enjoyed it very much. Great work Paul as always.” — Neal Scryer

    “This is typically great material from Paul...A very worthwhile collection."
    — Joshua Quinn

    "This is an amazing collection..." - Ran Pinkl

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