Almond Milk by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic

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    Almond Milk by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic
    Almond Milk is an effect that lets the spectator freely select a card "mentally" . Once the card is selected, the magician then goes on to reveal that the pack of cards that had been sitting in front of them in full view the entire time, on spreading, has one card face up inside of it. There is one card face up inside an entire face down pack of cards , that is none other than the spectator's thought of card.

    Not only this... For the kicker ending, the magician tells that spectator that he was so sure that the spectator would pick that one card.. That actually, he did not bring along any other cards with him. As all the cards inside the deck are completely blank.

    Once made... Almond Milk can last you a very long time

    It can be performed up close or even on stage as an opener

    And if you want you can even hand out cards for examination.

    Almond Milk has been tested in a lot of scenarios and with a lot of different kind of audiences.

    It is a completely practical trick.


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