Alexander Marsh LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)

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    Alexander Marsh LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)

    "Alex McAleer is one of my favourite mentalists. He knows more about presenting entertaining mentalism for real world audiences than almost anyone else I know." – Ian Rowland

    "It’s hard to find your own voice in mentalism without sounding like you’re trying to copy Derren Brown but you succeeded splendidly." – Martin S Taylor (the Hypnotist who inspired Derren Brown)

    "Again Alex proves how to construct and present contemporary mentalism." – Marc Spelmann

    "Alex's Head Wired manages that rare feat: material that's both very creative and very practical.” - Oliver Meech
    What will he teach?

    Why You Should Never Play Cards with a Mentalist- Who says Mentalism with playing cards has to be boring?
    The theme is all in the title 'Why You Should Never Play Cards with A Mentalist' as it demonstrates almost every trick in the mentalists arsenal (everything expect PK). I have been performing the act for 4 years, it is still a feature of my one-man show and a short version featured in my act in 'Champions of Magic' for several years. I created it because I was sick of other mentalists saying Mentalism with playing cards is boring so I tried to create the strongest and most direct mind reading act using nothing but playing cards!
    Alexander Marsh takes his audience on a journey through almost every type of Mentalism effect and leaves them convinced that they really should never play card with a mentalist. As well as how each effect is achieved, Alexander will also discuss how and why he has structured the act how he has, and how this structure can be used to routine any effect, routine or full show.

    Mind Reading of 5 Playing Cards- First he convinces his spectators he can expertly read their tells and reveal every single card in a poker hand.

    Temporary Amnesia- Then he demonstrates his intimate knowledge of the human mind by causing a spectator to forget a thought-of-card and just as quickly brings the memory back. All with no sleight of hand, no hypnosis, and no stooging.
    Tel-  Alex’s bold but practical billet technique to divine any 4-digit number.
    3 Billets- Alex shares the work on his Billet Peek within a three person psychometry routine that makes the peek invisible.  

    Name A Card At A Given Number (2 methods)- Next he proves he really is a master of memory by rapidly memorising half the deck and naming the card at any given number and by knowing which randomly selected card has been moved in the pack. Alexander will even tip his method to allow a spectator to achieve this same minor miracle. All this is done using the simplest of methods and no memory work, allowing you to focus on your performance.

    Card Calling/Memory of Half the Pack- The other half of the deck is distributed among the audience and having memorised one-half of the deck, Alexander names all these unseen cards getting the whole audience involved in the act. This requires the bare minimum of memory work and can be mastered in no time at all.

    Card Prediction- Finally, in his inimitable style Alex gets a huge reaction for the revelation that he really did know a card merely being thought of all along. His handling and tips on using this often dismissed method has made many performers reconsider this classic tool.
    Who is he?

    Alexander Marsh is the pen-name of professional mentalist Alex McAleer, who has been a working performer since 2007.

    Under his pen-name, Alex has written several books including ‘Hybrid Mentalism’ and ‘Head Wired’, he has lectured at the prestiges Magic Circle, and contributed to several other mentalism publications including works by Jerome Finley, Elliott J. Bresler, and Banachek.

    As well as performing at the usual private parties and corporate events, he has made countless television appearances around the world including ITV’s Good Morning Britain (UK), Seven Network’s Today Tonight (Australia), and NBC’s Access Hollywood (USA). In 2019 Alex appeared on BBC’s Blue Peter, the worlds longest running children’s television program.

    In 2014 Alex took his one-man show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and three shows to Australia’s Perth Fringe World Festival in 2016 and 2017 where he was nominated for the cabaret award. Since 2014 Alex has toured extensively with the ensemble illusion show ‘Champions of Magic’ completing 6 UK tours including a run in London. The show has been touring North America since 2017 and continues to do so.

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