Alain Nu - Magic Masters Confidential Part 2

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    Alain Nu - Magic Masters Confidential Part 2

    CC Presents Alain Nu – A MAGIC MASTERS CONFIDENTIAL – A TWO NIGHT Expanded Living Room Lecture. Alain Nu Part 2.

    Howdy Doodle- A simple drawing duplication with a twist. Each spec draws a simple drawing on a post it note, but only one matches the prediction.

    Peek to Peek-An incredible impromptu book test with a borrowed book, a clever idea that you will use.

    Alain’s Ultimate Solution Book Test- Alain’s twist on the book test, This three word divination turns into a incredible prediction as a big finish.

    Alain’s Serial Number Divination-Another powerful piece of mentalisim with a dollar bill. Easily divine a serial number from a borrowed bill.


    *****Timestamps by James Marshall*****
    ## Magic Masters: Alain Nu Part 2 2023-09-20 ##
    0:00:55 – intro
    0:03:00 – opening discussion
    0:08:30 – performance of Howdy Doodle
    0:14:10 – explanation of Howdy Doodle
    0:26:43 – Q&A section
    0:39:00 – discussion section
    0:42:44 – performance of Peek to Peek Book Test
    0:46:30 – explanation of Peek to Peek Book Test
    0:54:21 – Q&A section and discussion
    1:03:16 – performance of Ultimate Solution Book Test
    1:11:40 – explanation of Ultimate Solution Book Test
    1:20:11 – comparing this to other book tests
    1:23:50 – Q&A section
    1:36:30 – performance and explanation of Mystical Serial Number Divination
    1:41:43 – on memorizing serial numbers and other topics
    1:48:00 – Q&A section and chat
    1:54:50 – performance and explanation of Steve Drawn Peek
    2:00:45 – closing


    Alain Nu Magic Masters Confidential Part 2

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