Akira Fujii and G's Factory Coins Akira's Evolution For 25 Years

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    Coins Akira's - Evolution For 25 Years is a remastered version of a DVD released by Akira Fujii in 2006 that was produced in celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the legendary coin magician bursting onto the scene with his first set of lecture notes.

    When Coins Akira's was first released in 2006, magic was in a bit of an awkward phase. Many magicians around the world, Akira included, had a strange fascination with fooling magicians. Magic tricks were developed, not with an entertaining plot in mind, but rather a deceptive method that would trick other magicians.

    Therefore, while the routine was still great, there were also parts that were a bit confusing for the general public to follow. At times, there was just to much going on.

    So, in this special release, you'll not only only learn the tricks-but will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Akira has evolved them over the last nearly 15 years and has seamlessly routined them together.

    These effects are a sleight of hand coin magician's dream. They don't require any gimmicks or extra coins and beautifully connect together by reducing the number of coins by one each time.

    All you need is four regular coins, a jumbo coin and a playing card.


    • Square: A chink-a-chink routine with no extra coins
    • Flash Back: The backfire assembly
    • Jet Coins: Akira Fujii's famous coins across
    • Ghost Sound: Ten-counting trick
    • HIde and Seek: A beautiful one coin routine with a jumbo coin that doesn't require a vest or holder.


    In this DVD, Akira also shares a detailed look at his unique method for the fake pass that provides the illusion of a flying coin, as well as his original wipe clean methodology. He also discusses his work on the retention vanish and muscle pass.

    DVD is dubbed in English

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