A Phew More Routines By Glenn Morphew

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    A Phew More Routines By Glenn Morphew 
    Just like a Phew Routines, this DVD also has a run time of 2 hrs and 10 minutes...that's a little freaky huh? Contents include: The Twilight Zone--This is Glenn's presentation and handling for Brother John Hamman's "Your Signed Card" plot. He teaches 2 different ways you can end the trick. His favorite method is to use John Bannon's "Assisted Switch." The trick has a very nice plot and is not very hard to do. 5 Phase Finger Ring Routine--Glenn performs this often. It uses his finger ring, so he always has this trick with him. It has a nice little presentation and is very magical. Most of the moves are original. You'll need a finger ring that fits your index finger to do all 5 phases. Or, if you have a ring that fits your middle finger you can do four of the phases. (BTW, Your index finger is your fattest finger! Who Knew?) Not very difficult to learn or perform and it looks great. You can see a performance here. Matrix--This is a very easy matrix to perform. It uses just 4 quarters and four cards. There are certainly fancier, more difficult and better matrixes out there but this one still blows them away. Glenn has a nice way to deal with the last quarter in my handling. He always thought most matrix effects needed some help with this part of the trick. 2704 to 1--2704 to 1 are the odds of this trick actually working but Glenn found a way to make it work 100% of the time! (Okay, he has to cheat!) This trick uses ideas of David Regal, Bernard Bilis and Glenn. The presentation is light hearted and fun. This looks so clean even magicians will have no idea how you defy the odds of 2704 to 1. Ambitious Card To Mini Wallet--A pretty standard Ambitious Card routine ends with you removing their signed card (folded in quarters) from a "comedy mini wallet." (You can get these wallets at Midwest Magic). The wallets are well made and are worth $20 for the sight gags alone, but now that you can load the wallet (right under their noses) and remove their signed card from the little side compartment, they are worth a heck of a lot more! Not to tough to do either! Mr. Stickman--This is one of Glenn's favorite and most requested tricks. It uses advanced sleight of hand. Richard Sanders had a version of this trick on his very first VHS tape. Glenn loved the plot but he wanted to lengthen the trick and change the handling. The plot is that a card is signed and lost in the deck but he's not going to find the card, his assistant is! And...he's not even born yet! So, Mr. Stickman is born by Glenn drawing a cute little stick man on the back of an indifferent card. The spectator adds a few things to the drawing they think might help Mr. Stickman find their card because he's brand new at this. (Magic wands and magnifying glasses are popular) he also always have them write their initial on the card as well. This insures every time they see Mr. Stickman on a card, they know it's really him not his twin brother. This is somewhat like an ambitious card routine but it plays totally different because the drawing (Mr. Stickman) jumps from card to card (of their choosing) to prepare him to actually find their selected signed card. This is very visual and entertaining magic. If you learn this one you will be rewarded for the rest of your performing days. As an added bonus, some of the moves you'll learn are fantastic and they can be used in other tricks you'll do. Magicians and lay people both love this trick. What is A Master Magician?--An amazing and fun trick to perform! Adapt the presentation as you see fit. Glenn's presentation is geared toward people that know who Lance Burton, David Copperfield, David Blaine and Penn and Teller are. The effect is that you clearly put a signed card into the middle of the deck, square the deck, ribbon spread the cards, flip the spread over, and...while the cards are in motion, you dive in to the spread and pluck out the signed card! Obviously, this is only something a master magician could really pull off. Good news here... what was just described is what you really do! And best of all, it's not that hard to do. Blackjack Surprise--A trick supposedly explaining how you are teaching yourself to learn the odds of the game of Blackjack. The trick ends with a visual surprise that NO ONE ever sees coming. Not very difficult to perform.