3.5 Utilities By Matt Packard

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    3.5 Utilities By Matt Packard (Video + PDF)

    4 deceptive and practical utility methods, all of which are easy to make and perform. All 4 have potential applications in mentalism and magic. This is a 33 minute HD video. Also included is a 6 page PDF with extra notes, tips, and routine ideas.


    A gimmicked playing card box that provides a super deceptive full business card peek. It has excellent angles and best yet, is extremely easy to make. No windows or slits, box appears completely normal from all angles. Works as a normal card box.

    You ask your participant to write on a business card, you take it face down, slide it into the card box (the deck is already inside the box) and put a rubber band around it. That’s it – and in the process you get a full card peek.

    While the demonstration is with a playing card box, the principle can be applied to any similar style tuck box.

    Test Conditions Envelopes
    An updated handling for a classic utility item.

    You take a folded billet (or an unfolded card if you prefer) and put it into a coin envelope. You have the envelope signed. You then put it into a larger coin envelope. In that process, you have stolen (or peeked) the billet. Also can be used for a very deceptive load.

    Not limited to billets, any small flat object can be used (coins, folded or torn playing cards, etc).

    Unlike most other versions of this classic idea, with Test Conditions Envelopes, you can show the inside and outside of both envelopes before and after the effect.

    123 Peek
    A simple gimmick that allows a clean, full business card peek.

    You have your participant write something on one of your business cards. You then introduce 3 (or more) blank business cards and mix them up on the table. Your participant finds their card and you are able to divine the information on it. The card they find is actually their card and it ends completely clean.

    H. Dent Envelopes
    This is a bonus idea. A well known card idea applied to a stack of envelopes. A slick way to switch an envelope with a business card inside.

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